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Come say 'Hi' and a grab a Star Code!

Come say 'Hi' and a grab a Star Code!

Station Highlights

Bobby Skilton’s tips – Preliminary Finals

Bobby BOBBY SKILTON'S TIPS: We're down to the pointy end of the season - how did Bobby go in his Preliminary Finals tips?

Quick Quiz - September 22

John Blackman Dickie Knee QUICK QUIZ: It's the famous Quick Quiz! Get your brain into gear by playing along at 7:50am each morning, or have a go at the five questions with Kevin and Jane.

Happy Birthday

Andrea Bocelli Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday to opera singer Andrea Bocelli, who turns 56 today!

History Hit

Charlie's Angels HISTORY HIT: Here are some memorable dates from September 22, from the 1900's to today.

Wacky Facts - September 12

Nancy Arrow WACKY FACTS: Have some early morning fun with Kevin and Jane's Wacky Facts. It's an easy way to win on Magic 1278 Breakfast. We give you a Wacky Fact and you try to make some sense of it!

Val's Beetroot Chutney

Chutney KEVIN AND JANE'S KITCHEN: When Super Cook, Val, made us a batch of her amazing Beetroot Chutney, we HAD to share the recipe with you!

Magic Morning Tea - September

Ric and gang It was a great day at the Magic Morning Tea, held at Eureka Skydeck. See the photos here.

Reigning Cats and Dogs - September

Padame REIGNING CATS AND DOGS WINNER: 9-year-old Padame is a beautiful Exotic Short Hair. Look at those magnificent amber eyes! Congratulations Padame! You’re this week’s winner in Kevin and Jane’s Reigning Cats and Dog.

A Day of 3s

The Three Stooges THREE: To celebrate the 3rd of Spring, Kevin and Jane asked for as many things that came in 3's that you could think of. It's an impressive list. Check it out and maybe share it with your friends. Can you think of any more?

Q & A with Alan Pearsall

Alan Pearsall Q & A: Alan Pearsall answers ten questions on a range of topics including food, music, and Melbourne!

Well done, Jane!

VIDEO: Watch Jane's reaction! VIDEO: Kevin breaks a golden rule and surprises Jane on-air with a well-deserved award!

Selfie Winner

Selfie COMPETITION: A huge congratulations to Melanie Moran of Mitcham who won our selfie competition. She tracked down one of our billboards on Stud Rd in Wantirna, braved the elements and took a selfie. Congratulations Melanie - you have won $1000!

Christmas in July

Christmas in July XMAS: We had a very merry time at Christmas in July. Our lovely listeners joined us for lunch at the Dingley International Hotel and we were treated to the sounds of Bobby Fox. See the photos here.

Secret Sound Goes Off!

Mower AT LAST: The Magic 1278 Secret Sound has been won at last! At 6.15pm on Tuesday, June 24, Kevin of Wyndham Vale, won himself the massive total of $5140. So what was the elusive answer? Adjusting the height of the cutting blades of a lawn mower! Listen to the new sound here.

Grandad Ditchburn

New bub PHOTOS: Meet Lily Andrea Ditchburn, she is the daughter of Leah and Josh, Josh is Ric's son. Ric had a very proud look on his face when showing her off!

Quality time with the Everaardt boys

PHOTOS: Our Sunday Morning man, Ward Everaardt, has supplied us with some delightful shots of his new grandson Benni. PHOTOS: Our Sunday Morning man, Ward Everaardt, has supplied us with some delightful shots of his new grandson Benni.

Kev and Jane's kitchen

Click here to choose a recipe from Kevin and Jane's Kitchen - there are so many menu ideas along with their helpful kitchen hints and advice. Join Kevin and Jane in their KITCHEN every Thursday morning at 8:20am. To put a little spice in your cooking try out these recipes. There are meals to suit any occasion including snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kevin & Jane's YouTube of the Week

Kevin and Jane's YouTube Video of the Week Be entertained and share with your friends this wonderful collection of Kevin and Jane's favourite YouTube videos.

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Community Calendar

Community Calendar Did you miss something on-air? Don't worry it's all here! Magic 1278 continues to provide assistance to small and large community groups, by helping publicise their fundraising events, or events of public interest.

Daily Useful Information

Melbourne by night In this section on the Magic 1278 website, you will find useful, everyday, information. This includes the latest forecasts, Melbourne's water storage levels and where to get the cheapest fuel in town.

Grandkids' Birthdays

Grandkids birthday Do you want Kevin and Jane to say a special Magic 1278 on-air happy birthday to your grandson or granddaughter? Click the above link and email the details through.

The Magic Ultimate 500 Countdown of the 60s and 70s

Take a trip down memory lane. ULTIMATE COUNTDOWN: Take a trip down memory lane and check out Magic's 500 song countdown of the 60s and 70s.

Gardening with Jane Edmanson

Jane Edmanson Jane Edmanson one of the most well respected gardeners in Australia and she joins Magic 1278 every weekday with her valued gardening tips. Click here to view Jane's informative and exciting new webpage.

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